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Massage4Fitness offers massages, personal training, and nutrition counseling on-site, Chicago Lake View location, and many gyms.

Massage and exercise are the basic components of Wellness, Health and Fitness. They create the ultimate body - mind connection. Where the mind is,the body will follow. Through our special programs we will get you on the right track maintaining good health and reaching the best fitness of your life.

why us

Appointments are accustomed to your chosen location and schedule. We offer lower rates than our competitors for the same excellent services. Our services start from only $39.99. We provide services on-site and in our Chicago Lake View location, plus we work with many gyms.


What our clients experience:

  • - better concentration
  • - improved night sleep
  • - Improved posture
  • - Increased flexibility
  • - Increased strength and energy
  • - weight loss management
  • - faster recovery from injuries

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork




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