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Massage Prepares Athletes for Upcoming Events

Also soothes sore muscle post-activity

It's a well-known fact that a good massage relaxes your body and improves your mood, but did you know that massage also improves concentration, improves sleep, increases flexibility, increases strength, and improves energy.

Chicago massage therapist and trainer Michal Bak, LMT, stresses the importance of massage. "Massage is an integral part of a well-rounded program that includes exercise and nutrition to help anyone from weekend warriors to elite athletes achieve peak performance. We encourage anyone who wants to perform better at sports or in their day-to-day life to add regular massage to their wellness practices."

Bak and his team offer a full range of massage, personal training and nutritional counseling services for athletes at all levels.'s sports massage, including pre- and post-athletic event massage, is developed specifically to give active men and women an edge by speeding up the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, improving the mind-body connection, and enhancing other physiological processes.

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