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Michal Bak is the owner of Massage 4 Fitness in Chicago lake View, IL performing massage, nutritional, and fitness services for the people in the northwest suburbs.  Michal graduated from EMTS in spring of 2010 and was one of our top academic students.  A former track and field star in Poland and in the United States, Michal is a health and fitness specialist always looking for new and innovative ways to eat healthier and workout smarter.  Michal continues to work with top track and field athletes and coaches both nationally and internationally to help him improve his techniques and approach to a healthy fitness lifestyle. 

EMTS:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Michal: I am a health and fitness specialist with a background in personal training and massage therapy.  I was always active ever since I was a child and that had introduced me to a variety of sports and outdoor activities.  With my active life style I found a passion for track and field and competed in Poland and here in the states.

EMTS: Tell us a little about your business/company.

Michal:  Massage 4 Fitness was an idea I came up with before I attended EMTS.  My theory is to perform therapeutic massages to help my clients recover from previous injuries and help restore their lost energy.  After those sessions I would recommend different dietary plans and offer nutritional guides to help kick start metabolism and direct my clients to a healthier lifestyle.  If my clients are reacting well from the massage and diet, there is the option of doing personal training sessions with either me or 3 of my associates.  I started Massage 4 Fitness five months ago.  I am currently working in the northwest suburbs, but I am looking to expand to the Chicagoland area. 

EMTS:  What did you do before you embraced this career in massage therapy?

Michal:  I competed in track and field in Poland before I came to the states.  When I arrived in the U.S.,  I attended Lindenwood University in Missouri and majored in sports and wellness.  I also competed in track and field in the U.S.. 

EMTS: What has brought you to EMTS?

Michal:  I found out about EMTS through my friend and graduate Aska.  She would rave about the focused environment, small classes and family-like atmosphere, and the great instructors. The pricing was also extremely competitive and I really trusted Aska’s opinion.

EMTS:  How has your education and experience here at EMTS benefit your success?

Michal:  Every class I took was helpful in many aspects in massage therapy.  But all of Leslaw’s were the most interesting and captivating in my opinion.  His views on energy and chakras really opened up my eyes to a new world and he has truly inspired me to work more within energy.  Without the information I have obtained from Leslaw, I would not be able to use it with my clients and athletes.  I incorporate a lot of balance and energy within my massage routine, and that has given me the edge over some of my competitors who take a more of a vanilla approach. 

EMTS:  What are your goals as a massage therapist?

Michal: I want to continue to expand my business and have my massage methods and techniques acknowledged and respected.

EMTS:  How do you foresee your business for the next 5 years?

Michal:  I would love to expand to the Chicagoland area.  I would also like to have my own gym and office to work in, instead of going to these large gyms.  Having a well qualified and trusted staff is also something I strive for.

EMTS:  What would say to future massage therapists?

Michal:  You have to have a passion for this occupation because it’s not for everyone.  You should actually receive a massage and speak with massage professionals before making any decision.  A massage therapist also needs to be focused, responsible, friendly, and charitable. 

EMTS:  Would you recommend EMTS to your friends or family? If so why?

Michal:  Yes, I highly recommend EMTS to anyone truly interested in massage therapy.  The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the massage therapy field.  The pricing is very competitive and the education is second to none.

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